How you can manually check an ECDSA signature in Python?






Perhaps I were given the formulation improper however I heard that x = (z*s^-1)*G+(r*s^-1)*Okay is the equation for verifying an ECDSA signature however my code says signature is invalid however the values are from a sound bitcoin transaction.

def gensig(d,ok,h):
    x = bitcoin.fast_multiply(bitcoin.G, ok)
    r = x[0] % n
    k_inv = mod_inverse(ok, n)
    s = (k_inv * (h+(r*d))) % n
    go back r,s

def verfy(r,s,pk,h):
    # Check the signature
    w = mod_inverse(s, n) # Calculate the modular multiplicative inverse of s
    u = (h * w) % n
    v = (r * w) % n
    y = bitcoin.fast_multiply(bitcoin.G, u)
    b= bitcoin.fast_multiply(pk, v)
    a = y+b
    x =a[0] % n
    # Test if the calculated level fits the R element of the signature
    if x == r:
        print("Signature is legitimate")
        print("Signature is invalid")

def solve_k(h, r, x, s, n):
    # Calculate the modular multiplicative inverse of s modulo n
    s_inverse = mod_inverse(s, n)

    if s_inverse is None:
        go back None  # No modular inverse exists

    # Calculate ok the usage of the formulation
    ok = (h + r *x ) * s_inverse % n
    go back ok

def solve_d(s, ok, h, r, n):
    rinv = mod_inverse(r, n)
    d = (((s * ok) - h) * rinv) % n
    go back d

Given those:

Z= 0x3d4a58fa8e5f94e9b8ed1d79a2d584ce45803153b75d43d7bcdbf49171d90992
priv1 = 1

Once I do that:

pk = bitcoin.fast_multiply(bitcoin.G, priv1)

I am getting signature is invalid however why?
What am I doing improper?

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