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Solar rays, wind, and water remaining endlessly. They received’t exhaust themselves like fossil fuels do. They’re renewable sources, and the power we generate from them is renewable. Other people and governments around the globe are tilting towards the use of renewable power as it’s cleaner and fitter for the surroundings.

The statistics beneath echo the similar ideas – no longer simply what the state of renewable power is now, however the way it has been prior to now and the way it’s going to be within the foreseeable long term. 

As renewable power turns into extra inexpensive, its adoption is spiking up. Corporations are going after extra sustainable possible choices to scale back their carbon footprint and agree to same old rules. Many organizations use sustainability control tool to observe their non-renewable power assets.

Let’s bounce into the most recent renewable power stats and have a look at the expansion within the sector. 

Most sensible renewable power statistics

Giants like Apple and Google are decreasing their carbon footprint via chopping their power use via up to 40%. Microsoft is making plans to transform carbon-negative via 2030. 

The long run appears vibrant for renewables, attracting each consideration and funding. Quickly, it’s going to personal a considerable proportion of a rustic’s power combine. Learn the most recent statistics to find the existing state of renewable power and sources. 

  • 29% of the arena’s power is renewable.
  • Uruguay made huge investments in renewable power assets prior to now decade. 60% of its overall renewable power stems from hydroelectricity. The rustic makes use of 95% renewable electrical energy. 
  • Renewable power is 100% environment friendly in comparison to fossil energy vegetation, that have 25-85% potency. 


of Iceland’s power has come from renewable assets in 2023. It’s the rustic with probably the most renewable sources. Norway is 2nd at the checklist, with 71.56% of its power coming from renewables.

Supply: Wisevoter

  • India’s renewable power capability used to be 122 gigawatts (GW) in February 2023, 12.3% of the entire power intake. 
  • 98% of Costa Rica’s power got here from renewables in 2022. In 2018, it set an international report for many consecutive days (300) the use of most effective renewable power.
  • Iceland’s 100% renewable power incorporates geothermal warmth and hydropower.
  • 20% of U.S. electrical energy is generated from renewable power.
  • India objectives to reach 500 GW of renewable power via 2030. It might come with 140 GW of wind and 280 GW of solar power. 
  • China is the biggest manufacturer of hydropower. In combination withBrazil, Canada, and the United States, they produce 50% of the arena’s hydropower.
  • Hydropower and wind stay the biggest assets of renewable power. Sun photovoltaic (PV), the 3rd greatest supply, accounts for 4.5% of overall electrical energy era. 

Renewable power traits

Solar power, geothermal warmth, wind power, biomass, and hydropower are probably the most used assets of renewable power world wide. Governments and organizations are shifting towards those power bureaucracy with an expanding center of attention on sustainability. Confidently, those statistics will permit you to perceive the traits towards a sustainable long term. 

  • Executive businesses expect wind and solar power to upward push in 2023 and 2024. Those types of renewable power would account for 16% and 18% of overall power manufacturing in respective years. 
  • Sun PV capability will double in 2023, generating 1000 GW of energy. Via 2030, the arena could have sufficient renewable power sources to satisfy international calls for. 
  • Wind and sun give a contribution 5% of overall power used in the United States, however they’re the fastest-growing assets.

10 GW

of renewable energy capability used to be operational in 40 nations in 2021. A decade previous, it used to be most effective 24 nations.

Supply: Ren21

  • China is the biggest manufacturer of solar power as of April 2023. It has a 430 GW capability. 
  • The sector’s greatest built-in renewable power garage plant is within the Kurnool district in India. It objectives to generate 5230 megawatts of energy.
  • Wind energy is probably the most sustainable manner of power manufacturing. On the other hand, it’s influenced via climate and items a garage problem.
  • International renewable capability addition will building up via 107 gigawatts to succeed in 440 GW in 2023. 
  • Electrical energy era from wind contributed 435 terawatt hours of energy within the U.S. Conversely, sun PV’s contribution stood at 146 terawatt hours in 2022.

U.S. renewable power statistics

Electrical energy era vegetation in the United States generated 4.24 trillion kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2022 . 60% of its electrical energy comes from fossil fuels, and 18% is from nuclear power. Renewables actually have a hefty proportion. 

  • The White Area is ready to reach 80% renewable power era via 2030 and 100% carbon-free electrical energy 5 years later.
  • The power knowledge management (EIA) predicts renewables will generate 44% of US electrical energy via 2050.
  • Renewable power in the United States is anticipated to develop via 1200 GW via 2024. 
  • Sun and wind power era is anticipated to double between now and 2025. It’s forecasted to double once more via 2030. 


of US overall power comes from renewables, as consistent with February 2023 information. Wind energy is the best contributor, with a proportion of 10.2%.

Supply: EIA

  • NextEra Power Inc. generates a capability of 30,000 megawatts, essentially from sun and wind assets.
  • The United States renewable power marketplace is at $269 billion. 
  • Capital funding value $270 billion has been introduced in 2023 for utility-scale blank power initiatives.

Renewable power era via nation

The statistics beneath point out the rustic’s proportion of power from renewable sources.

Nation Power from renewable sources
Iceland 86.89%
Norway 71.56%
Brazil 42.22%
Denmark 39.25%
Switzerland 36.72%
Columbia 33.02%
Canada 29.89%
Peru 27.74%
Vietnam 22.73%
Sri Lanka 21.40%
Germany 19.45%
Italy 18.36%
United Kingdom 17.95%
Turkey 16.52%

Supply: Wisevoter

Steadily requested questions on renewable power

How a lot of the arena’s power comes from renewable sources?
20%- 30% of electrical energy comes from hydropower, sun, wind, and different renewable sources. Supply: Aljazeera

How a lot of the arena’s power comes from non-renewable sources?
70%-80% of electrical energy comes from fossil fuels. Supply: Carbonfund

Use fossil for style, no longer gasoline

Fossil fuels are restricted and can run out if exploited. Opt for sustainable power assets like wind, water, sun, or biogas. Via 2025, renewables will take over coal as the arena’s greatest electrical energy supply. 

The business justifies the craze with its contemporary traits. Automakers have made electrical automobiles central to their industry technique. Some are even discussing when to place interior combustion engines to everlasting relaxation. 

Be told extra concerning the adjustments renewable power is making and why it’s some way towards a brighter long term.

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