taproot – “Witness program hash mismatch” code -26 when broadcasting a transaction






I am looking to broadcast a transaction to my RPC service:

curl https://my-quicknode-rpc-provider/ 
    -X POST 
    -H "Content material-Kind: software/json" 
    --data '{"way": "sendrawtransaction", "params": ["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"]}'

however I stay getting this mistake reaction from the RPC:

{"consequence":null,"error":{"code":-26,"message":"non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Witness program hash mismatch)"},"identification":null}

I have verified a couple of instances that I am signing with the proper personal key. On best of that, this happens when broadcasting to the community, no longer all the way through signing my PSBT inputs so I have been having hassle debugging.

For some context, I am looking to connect a Taproot script to my enter UTXO. Here’s a code snippet of what I am doing:

const hexData = Buffer.from(
const publicKeyHex = toXOnly(tweakedSigner.publicKey).toString("hex");
let inscribeLockScript = bitcoin.script.fromASM(
  `${publicKeyHex} OP_CHECKSIG OP_0 OP_IF ${Buffer.from("ord").toString(
  )} OP_1 ${Buffer.from("textual content/undeniable;charset=utf-8").toString(
  )} OP_0 ${splitByNChars(hexData, 1040).sign up for(" ")} OP_ENDIF`
inscribeLockScript = Buffer.from(
  inscribeLockScript.toString("hex").exchange("6f726451", "6f72640101"),

const scriptTree: Taptree = {
  output: inscribeLockScript,

const inscribeLockRedeem = {
  output: inscribeLockScript,
  redeemVersion: 192,

const inscribeP2tr = bitcoin.bills.p2tr({
  internalPubkey: toXOnly(tweakedSigner.publicKey),
  community: bitcoin.networks.bitcoin,
  redeem: inscribeLockRedeem,

const tapLeafScript =  Buffer.from(""),
  controlBlock: inscribeP2tr.witness![inscribeP2tr.witness!.length - 1],

  hash: utxo.hash,
  index: utxo.index,
  witnessUtxo: {
    script: inscribeP2tr.output!,
    price: utxo.price,
  tapInternalKey: toXOnly(tweakedSigner.publicKey),
  tapLeafScript: [tapLeafScript],

I am reasonably new to this so any lend a hand can be liked!

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