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The ones are two separate issues.

I’ve heard about that too, a complete rip-off as how can curiosity be demanded at the cash you’re now not in reality getting? The curiosity will be levied at the after-interest-cut quantity.

Sure. Two facets of the cash

You simply don’t know how curiosity works. Do you?
Let me check out as soon as by means of one excessive instance.
Let’s say you get a mortgage of 1cr at 1 % curiosity according to annum. However phrases of compensation is that it’s important to pay off 99,99,999 at the very subsequent day and last 1 rupee it’s important to pay after twelve months.
On the finish of the yr it’s important to pay 1 rupee again in conjunction with 1 % of 1 crore as curiosity. This is 1,00,001. Does it make sense to you?

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Thank you for making me perceive
Via your excessive instance, this man can pay 74999 the very subsequent day and 15k+1 at finish of yr ?

Whilst writing the put up ,I used to be unsure about some sides.Now ,I gotten some readability.

Let,me reiterate the placement I’m having in easy phrases

General Mortgage quantity = 75 okay
General curiosity Charge = 20% according to annum
General quantity to be paid in yr = 90 okay (75 okay mortgage quantity+ 15 okay general Pastime quantity)

I feel ,I’ve to earn 10 % monthly of mortgage quantity (75k)
Which is 7.5 okay

I don’t need to know in-depth wisdom about EMI.

I merely want to know ,it’s imaginable to earn most commonly from fairness section of 10% acquire from the capital (75 okay).

And thank you on your precious comments

Thank you for the explanation.
Happy to grasp that you just aren’t paying 7.5K each and every month as EMI.

On the other hand, one deadly flaw on this scheme of yours
is that source of revenue from buying and selling/markets is NOT assured common source of revenue.

There will probably be days (or weeks, and even months)
when there aren’t any alternatives within the marketplace for the methods that one is conscious about.

In such instances,
folks anticipating common source of revenue frequently end-up taking riskier/nonsense trades
and shedding maximum / all in their capital.

Optimistically, you’ll be told this from gazing others
and steer clear of shedding your financial savings/loans out there to be informed this.

Call to mind it this manner.

If there used to be a chance to earn 10% monthly (i.e. >100% in a yr)
why would somebody mortgage you any cash at 20% according to annum ever!
They might merely double there cash out there themselves!

A big explanation why somebody is keen to lend you cash at 20% according to annum curiosity,
is as a result of they consider 20% according to annum returns are much less riskier than “making an investment/buying and selling out there”.

Additionally, whoever used to be making plans to lend you the mortgage
in the event that they had been to learn about this hare-brained scheme of looking to earn 10% monthly, each and every month,
i consider they might NOT lend you the volume,
because it it nearly definitely going to be misplaced out there in 1-365 days.
(until you’ve got every other asset to again the mortgage,
which they’re going to luckily declare while you inevitably default at the mortgage after shedding 75K out there)


:100: this :point_up_2:

The next dialogue about whether or not the mortgage is in reality 20% or 41% (relying on how it’s structured) doesn’t in reality have an effect on the solution to the unique query…

Be successful?
IMHO, not going for the efficiency described within the unique put up of this subject thread.

No longer positive what’s it you wish to have to focus on with this line of reasoning.
Certain, 3% monthly (>36% according to annum) is larger than 20% according to annum.

However, there is not any ensure of a three% source of revenue for all of the length of the yr.
AFAIK, OP doesn’t have some “positive factor” arbitrage business
this is going to web them 3% monthly, each and every month, for the following 365 days.

Is that even a sensible possible expectation?
@VarunG Out of your previous remark, i consider you settle that its is NOT a sensible expectation.

No doubt now not for OP,
who has additionally proven to have inadequate risk-management of their buying and selling file thus far.


It used to be in regards to the 15k curiosity he needed to pay for 365 days. So he’s successfully giving out 1.25% of curiosity

Ans you understand what , I now know the place the dialogue went south.
There used to be any other thread about borrowing 10 lakh from any other person. I used to be studying and commenting on those two threads concurrently.On this thread , OP by no means stated borrowing from ‘the place’ !!
I perplexed and assumed it’s from a person. While OP simplest mentioned a ’ non-public mortgage’ . Banks and NBFC’s loans paintings on the way you guys identified. I used to be caught with the flat price that particular cash lenders perform.

In any case OP will have to have were given greater than what he had requested for .
Cheers bros

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WOW such an improbable thought OP.

Why didn’t i bring to mind this quicker.

Rattling, you might be in reality giving freely cash making secrets and techniques OP.

My Observe information for Fairness section
From 2019 to 2023
Buying and selling capital levels from 10k to 50 okay
As a rule

Fairness section,Monetary yr 2020 to 2021
It’s winning for me

Going by means of standard knowledge,
taking a mortgage (at 20% curiosity) and looking to earn greater than the curiosity bills is a idiot’s errand.
And thus far on this subject thread there’s not anything to end up that you just could be an exception.

@Sriram_Venkatesalu in regards to the P&L summaries you posted,
no matter are the alternatives you utilised to generate the earnings within the contemporary couple of years?

What degree of self belief do you’ve got that the similar alternatives nonetheless exist,
and can exist for the following 365 days?
(until you generate returns from the marketplace to pay off the mortgage and also have one thing value leftover)

Alternately, if/when such alternatives not exist out there,
do you’ve got the boldness that you are going to in finding different similarly just right
(or extra profitable) alternatives to business?
If sure, then what will provide you with that self belief?
Is that irrational optimism or is there any prior enjoy backing that?

Did you realize what @Zodiac discussed in their answer above ?
Do you continue to disagree with the overview that you just did NOT have enough threat leadership in position?
(…and therefore making an attempt one thing equivalent with borrowed cash, goes to be a crisis)

I gotten returns round 3% to five % monthly in Fairness section. But it surely’s now not a positive approach in at all times.

You probably have a per 30 days compounding price of five% – then there is not any factor in getting a mortgage for 20% curiosity. As a result of your fairness returns ~ 80%. (https://www.thecalculatorsite.com/finance/calculators/compoundinterestcalculator.php)

A greater solution to means that is use the margin buying and selling facility. If you’re positive your fairness analysis and purchase/promote selections use MTF. No longer positive if zerodha is offering it now, however different agents price you from 7 to twelve% annual curiosity.

Steer clear of FnO the usage of loans even supposing you’ll be able to generate 500 according to day. At the beginning a 75k best up isn’t going to do any worth upload for FnO process. Secondly the chance is upper – a month’s income may also be taken out in an afternoon.


Taking mortgage for buying and selling is likely one of the worst thought.

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