python – convert the result of level doubling (Rx1 and Ry1) to indicate addition (Rx2 and Ry2) with out wisdom of (Qx, Qy) in secp256k1 elliptic curve






I am operating with the secp256k1 elliptic curve and feature level doubling and level addition formulation for this curve. Given the next formulation:

Level Addition Method in Python3:

s = (Qy - Gy) * pow(Qx - Gx, -1, p) % p
Rx = (s**2 - Qx - Gx) % p
Ry = (s * (Qx - Rx) - Qy) % p

Level Doubling Method in Python3:

s = (3 * Qx**2) * pow(Qy*2, -1, p) % p
Rx = (s**2 - Qx*2) % p
Ry = (s * (Qx - Rx) - Qy) % p

If some degree is given Qx and Qy

Qx = 112711660439710606056748659173929673102114977341539408544630613555209775888121
Qy = 25583027980570883691656905877401976406448868254816295069919888960541586679410

acting level doubling at the given issues (Qx, Qy) gets the underneath output

Rx1 = 115780575977492633039504758427830329241728645270042306223540962614150928364886
Ry1 = 78735063515800386211891312544505775871260717697865196436804966483607426560663

Acting level addition at the given issues (Qx, Qy) gets

Rx2 = 103388573995635080359749164254216598308788835304023601477803095234286494993683
Ry2 = 37057141145242123013015316630864329550140216928701153669873286428255828810018

Now, I am on the lookout for a technique to convert (Rx1, Ry1) to (Rx2, Ry2) with out understanding the unique given values (Qx, Qy). Is there one way or set of rules to succeed in this conversion?

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