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  • Physician Who has noticed a couple of Medical doctors go back on-screen for quite a lot of adventures, showcasing the Physician’s long-spanning lifetimes and the complexities of time commute.
  • David Tennant’s upcoming go back because the fourteenth incarnation within the sixtieth anniversary particular would be the first time a Physician regenerates into a prior incarnation, increasing the timeline and chances of the display.
  • Whilst some Medical doctors have crossed paths with every different for the sake of the universe, those encounters are generally transient, and previous faces can and can proceed to go back within the huge universe of Physician Who.



From 1963 to the current, Physician Who has noticed 13 other incarnations of the Physician, and because of the headaches of time commute, he has returned on a couple of events. Over time, other Medical doctors have reappeared on-screen for a mess of adventures, repeatedly reminding audiences of the Physician’s long-spanning lifetimes. Even with the opportunity of a paradox, a number of Medical doctors have crossed paths with one any other for the sake of the universe, even supposing those adventures do not steadily remaining very lengthy.

With the affirmation of David Tennant’s (the 10th Physician) go back because the fourteenth incarnation within the sixtieth anniversary particular, audiences will revel in a Physician regenerating again into a prior incarnation for the primary time ever. It’s not, then again, the primary time a Physician has returned to the display out of doors their unique period. The Physician’s timeline is sophisticated, and it is going to best amplify with Physician Who season 14. Despite the fact that the universe is a large position, previous faces can, and can, go back.

11 First Physician: 4 Instances

David Bradley as William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time

The First Physician’s preliminary look used to be in An Unearthly Kid, which aired in November 1963. The First Physician used to be at the beginning performed by way of William Hartnell up till the Physician’s first regeneration in 1966, after 4 seasons within the position. Hartnell then reprised the position for the particular “The 3 Medical doctors,” celebrating the tenth anniversary of the display. After his demise, the nature used to be recast, performed by way of Richard Hurndall within the 1983 particular “The 5 Medical doctors,” and by way of David Bradley within the 2017 episodes “The Physician Falls” and “Two times Upon A Time,” in addition to a cameo as one of the crucial 13th Physician’s Guardians of the Edge within the episode “The Energy of the Physician.

10 2d Physician: 3 Instances

doctor who's patrick troughton

Lasting 3 common seasons airing from 1966 to 1969, the position of the 2d Physician used to be performed by way of Patrick Troughton. Troughton’s period of Physician Who holds the report for essentially the most lacking episodes, with 59 episodes nonetheless unfound. His remaining common look used to be within the episode “The Warfare Video games” in 1969, when the Physician used to be exiled to twentieth-century Earth by way of the Time Lords and compelled to regenerate. Troughton reprised the position of the 2d Physician on 3 events: the tenth anniversary episode “The 3 Medical doctors,” the 20 th anniversary episode “The 5 Medical doctors,” and the 1985 particular “The Two Medical doctors.”

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9 3rd Physician: 2 Instances

Jon Pertwee is The Doctor

The 3rd Physician’s period lasted throughout 5 seasons, airing from 1970 to 1974, and used to be performed by way of Jon Pertwee. Pertwee used to be the primary Physician to be broadcast in color, within the 1970 episode “Spearhead from House.” Audiences on the time had been shocked by way of Pertwee’s casting, having up to now cemented his profession as a dramatic performer. The 3rd Physician’s period ended with the episode “Planet of the Spiders” along better half Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), who persisted to commute with him into his fourth incarnation. The 3rd Physician returned on-screen in two circumstances, the 20 th anniversary episode “The 5 Medical doctors,” and the thirtieth anniversary particular “Dimensions in Time.”

8 Fourth Physician: 3 Instances

Tom Baker as the Doctor in The Ark in Space

Lasting seven consecutive seasons, Tom Baker, performed the Fourth Physician from 1974 to 1981. Because the Fourth Physician, Baker is the longest-serving actor to play the Time Lord, throughout each the traditional and leading-edge eras of the display. The Fourth Physician did seem in “The 5 Medical doctors,” even supposing this incarnation did not pass paths with another Physician, and the pictures used have been taken from the incomplete “Shada” tale. He additionally starred in “Dimensions in Time” particular. Baker used to be additionally the one traditional period Physician to seem within the fiftieth anniversary particular “The Day of the Physician” because the museum’s curator, making obscure implications as as to if he used to be or used to be no longer the Physician.

7 5th Physician: 2 Instances

Peter Davison in Doctor Who

Peter Davison’s run because the 5th Physician lasted 3 seasons, best spanning from 1982 to 1984. The 5th Physician’s period got here to an finish as he sacrificed himself to avoid wasting better half Peri (Nicola Bryant), ahead of regenerating. Davison’s first reprisal of the position used to be within the 2007 particular “Time Crash,” reverse David Tennant (the 10th Physician), set moments ahead of that 12 months’s festive particular “Voyage of the Damned.” This particular used to be the primary example of a classic-era Physician and a modern-era Physician crossing paths. Following this, the 5th Physician then had yet one more on-screen cameo, as one of the crucial 13th Physician’s Guardians of the Edge.

6 6th Physician: 2 Instances

Colin Baker as the Doctor in the Tartus

From 1984 to 1986, the 6th incarnation of the Physician used to be portrayed by way of Colin Baker, and because of a BBC hiatus, best gave the impression in 8 tales (every tale break up into 4 episode chunks) altogether. Whilst touring with Mel, the TARDIS is attacked by way of the Rani, leaving the Physician injured and resulting in his regeneration, even supposing it used to be by no means explicitly defined on-screen what precisely brought about it. The 6th Physician gave the impression within the “Dimensions in Time” particular in 1993, and as soon as once more within the 13th Physician’s thoughts within the episode “The Energy of the Physician.”

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5 7th Physician: 2 Instances

Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor in Doctor Who

Sylvester McCoy took over the position of the Physician in 1987, up till the display’s cancelation in 1989, lasting for best 3 seasons. This incarnation used to be no longer noticed on-screen once more till the 1996 Physician Who tv film whilst transporting the stays of the Grasp from Skaro again to Gallifrey. His look didn’t remaining lengthy then again, because the Grasp took keep an eye on of the TARDIS and crashed, and upon stepping out of the TARDIS, the Physician used to be stuck in a gang capturing, inflicting him to regenerate. The one different look of the 7th Physician used to be in “The Energy of the Physician,” the place an elderly model of him gave the impression within the 13th Physician’s thoughts.

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4 8th Physician: 2 Instances

Paul Mcgann in Doctor Who

The 8th Physician, performed by way of Paul McGann, best holds one tale from his professional period. The 1996 Physician Who tv film aired seven years after Physician Who‘s cancelation, and no regeneration used to be noticed on-screen till 2013. The 8th Physician first returned to Physician Who within the minisode “The Night time of the Physician,” a prologue to the fiftieth anniversary particular “The Day of the Physician,” which offered The Warfare Physician (John Harm). McGann’s 8th Physician made but any other go back along a number of of his predecessors when showing ahead of Jodie Whittaker’s soon-to-regenerate Physician as a Parent of the Edge in “The Energy of the Physician.”

3 9th Physician: None


Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Physician is the one Physician not to go back to the franchise on-screen. The primary Physician to be offered within the 2005 reboot, 9 best lasted twelve episodes, ahead of sacrificing his existence to avoid wasting Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), who had absorbed the time vortex into her thoughts. Eccleston left Physician Who after one season, mentioning ingenious variations with the BBC as being one explanation why for stepping away. Eccleston nonetheless has a excellent dating with Physician Who, and steadily stars within the Large End audios, however has made it transparent in interviews that he’s not likely to reprise the position.

2 10th Physician: 2 Instances

Tenth Doctor Shirt And Tie

Essentially the most featured Physician submit the 2005 reboot, David Tennant’s unique period spanned from 2006 to 2010, ahead of regenerating with a view to save the lifetime of Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins). The 10th Physician lasted for 3 common seasons and one season of specials ahead of Tennant stepped away together with Russell T. Davies, who used to be changed by way of Steven Moffat as Showrunner. The 10th Physician returned to displays within the fiftieth anniversary particular “The Day of the Physician,” reverse Matt Smith (11th Physician) and John Harm (The Warfare Physician). Tennant is about to reprise the position of the Physician over again within the sixtieth anniversary particular, this time because the fourteenth incarnation of the Time Lord.

1 11th, 12th, and 13th Physician: None

The 3 most up-to-date incarnations of the Physician (Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker, chronologically) are but to make a reappearance of their respective roles. It may well be argued that the 11th Physician did go back in Capaldi’s first episode, “Deep Breath” after he calls Clara (Jenna Coleman) in an try to persuade her that the 12th Physician used to be in truth him. Each Smith and Whittaker have spoken about being open to returning sooner or later, even supposing not anything has been written as such, while Capaldi has dominated out a Physician Who go back, mentioning that in spite of being a long-time fan and getting the risk to play his dream position, has accomplished his time.

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